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Abengoa Bioenergy Trading U.S.
Contact: Jacob Hinrichs; (636) 728-4588;

Abengoa Bioenergy Trading U.S., LLC was formed to manage the critical functions of grain procurement, ethanol and DGGS co-product marketing, and hedging and risk management for all commodities, including energy needs. The concentration of these functions into one specialized entity for all U.S. operations is critical to achieve the company’s goals of consistency, efficiency, and identification of one common brand throughout U.S. Abengoa Bioenergy operations. Currently, Abengoa Trading markets co-products for the six Abengoa owned U.S. ethanol plants. Abengoa's plants are located strategically in the western cattle feeding markets and along the Mississippi River system.
Abengoa Bioenergy Trading U.S. will market approximately 500,000 short tons of DDGS through the center gulf in 2010. Abengoa's unique ability to put this much volume into the market place from identical production facilities leads to the consistency that has been missing from the marketplace in the past. Abengoa also has the ability to pelletize our product without sacrificing the specifications, this leads to increased efficiencies in freight and handling costs for our customers that can benefit from full vessel shipments of DDGS from NOLA.

Amaizing Energy Denison
Contact: Brian Evers; (712) 263-2676;

Amaizing Energy currently operates a dry-mill corn processing ethanol plant in Denison, Iowa with a run rate of 55 million gallons per year. The primary co-product of the ethanol production process is distillers grains which is marketed as animal feed. The facility is a Fagen/ICM built plant which commenced operations in September 2005. Currently, the plant has 42 employees responsible for operating and managing the facility. Amaizing Energy is governed by a 17 member board of directors.

AG Processing, Inc (AGP)
Contact: Chris Schaffer, (402) 498-5559;

Historically, AGP has been a wet distiller's grains marketer, but is now marketing DDGS from two ethanol plants in Iowa and Nebraska. Their export capabilities include barge, rail car and container shipments. AGP owns an export facility located in the Port of Grays Harbor in the state of Washington.

Ag Motion
Contact: Tim Carlson; (612) 486-3880;

AgMotion, Inc. is a principal trading and exporting company that specializes in DDGS among other major U.S. commodities. The company also operates as US Commodities. Please see their website and contact them directly for more information.

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)
Contact: Ryan J. Brocklesby; (217) 451-8162
Contact: Tony Ielase; (217) 451-4776;
Contact: Mark Rohrig; (217)-451-5061; and Rail)

Every day, the 29,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) work to connect the harvest to the home, turning crops into renewable products that serve the vital needs of a growing world. We trade, transport, store and process corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into products for food, animal feed, chemical and energy uses. We are committed to the responsible, sustainable development of agriculture throughout the world.
ADM is a producer and exporter of DDGS with production facilities in North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois. ADM has four gulf export elevators as well as two floating rigs to load DDGS or combination commodity vessels. ADM has three exclusive container loading facilities and also utilizes two additional public container loading facilities. Export capabilities include vessel, barge, rail car and container shipments.

Big River Resources
Contact: Raymond Defenbaugh; (319) 753-1100;

Big River Resources West Burlington, LLC is an ethanol plant in West Burlington, Iowa. Production at a 40 million gallon per year name plate rate started April 12, 2004. A doubling project from 40 to 92 million gallons per year name plate rate was completed December 2007.

Bunge North America
Contact: Kishan Shenoy; (314) 292-2744; (Vessel)
Contact: Justin McAllister; (314) 292-2093;
Contact: Richard Moneymaker; (314) 292-2923; (Rail)
Contact: Elisa Uribe; (314) 292-2422; (Truck)
Contact: Jim Macfarlane; (314) 292-2115;

Bunge North America has marketing agreements and is a minority investor in two ethanol facilities slated to begin production in 2008. With a 200 year history in agribusiness, Bunge can provide not only critical contacts in the North American animal nutrition markets but with our global reach we are able to provide access to developing export markets as well. Bunge's export capabilities include vessel, rail car, and container shipments. Bunge owns an export facility located in Destrehan, LA. Please contact them directly for more information.

C&D (USA) Inc.
Contact: Jerry Wang; (630) 928-1180;
C&D (USA) Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Xiamen C&D Inc., a top 100 ranking, public company in China. Xiamen C&D is one of the biggest importers of grain, oilseeds and feed stuffs in China. After C&D USA opened in Chicago, Ill. in 2008, it quickly set up a suppliers’ and logistics network of agricultural commodities in the United States and became one of the largest exporters of U.S. DDGS to China. C&D USA is currently working to develop its buyers’ network in Southeast Asia.

Cargill, Inc.
Contact: Rob Robuck;
Contact: Todd Nicklaus; (952) 742-2493;
Contact: Trevor Kallop; (952) 742-6017;
Cargill has marketing agreements with dry grind ethanol facilities. They are also investors in those facilities. Cargill takes market positions from other DDGS marketers in the United States. Cargill sells a combination 36% protein-fat DDGS. Export capabilities include vessel, barge, container, rail cars and truck shipments. Cargill markets approximately 1 million metric tons of product per year.

Cenex Harvest States (CHS)
Contact: Tim Potter; (651) 355-6115;
Contact: Troy Skelton; (651) 355-6272;
Contact: Sean Broderick for prices FOB ethanol plants and delivered points in the U.S. Canada and Mexico; (800) 769-1066;
CHS is a diversified energy, grains and foods company committed to providing the essential resources that enrich lives around the world. A Fortune 100 company, CHS is owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives, along with thousands of preferred stockholders, across the United States. CHS supplies energy, crop nutrients, livestock feed, grain, food and food ingredients, along with business solutions, including insurance, financial and risk management services. The company operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex® brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products. CHS is the largest agricultural coop in the U.S. CHS is also the largest marketer of DDGS with estimated tons marketed in excess of 5 million for 2010. CHS currently has exclusive marketing agreements with 28 U.S. ethanol plants. CHS has container loading capabilities at several locations and owns and operates bulk export capacity in the U.S. Gulf, on the West Coast, and off of the Great Lakes. With offices around the world CHS is positioned to serve your DDGS needs.

Consolidated Grain and Barge Company (CGB)
Contact: Mitchell McGee; (985) 867-3554;
CGB is a full service Ag commodity trading and logistics company that specializes in the trading and exporting of golden DDGS. They focus their service on shipping only those DDGS with a consistent quality, utilizing strong relationships with various origin plants. Their logistical capabilities include truck, rail car, container, barge, and vessel shipments. CGB owns several container and barge loading facilities throughout the Midwest and use third party loaders when necessary. In addition, they can load and unload barges at multiple locations in the Gulf of Mexico, and load DDGS or combination commodity vessels. Currently, CGB services numerous export markets and can streamline the supply chain for quality golden DDGS from origin to destination. Please contact them directly and visit their website for additional information.

DeLong Co., Inc.
Contact: Brandon Bickham: (608) 676-3005;
As one of the Midwest's largest suppliers of food grade corn and soybeans, the DeLong Co. has more than a quarter-century of experience supplying food grade white and yellow corn to domestic and international markets, including Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada. With annual sales exceeding $800 million, the company is active in grain, fertilizer and ag chemicals, seed, feed and pet foods, and transportation. The company also operates 45 trans-loading facilities in the Midwest, where products from farmer producers and elevators in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are trans-loaded into containers for shipment.

Fornazor International Inc.
Contact: John Fornazor Jr.: (201) 664-4000;
Fornazor International is a US trading company and feed manufacturer exporting commodities globally since 1979. Fornazor exports and trades grains, vegetable proteins, marine proteins, and animal proteins primarily to Asian and the Middle Eastern markets. Fornazor owns and operates their own loading facilities on the east coast and also has forage export facility in Kansas where they produce alfalfa pellets as well. Fornazor has a blend facility where they create their own custom feed formulations as well as other finished feeds.

Furst-McNess Company
Contact: Kevin Gyland: (800) 435-5100;
Contact: Jamie Williams: (815) 232-9850;
With their key U.S. office in Freeport, Ill., Furst-McNess is a major independent agricultural nutrition company serving dairy, beef and swine producers with a complete line of McNess mineral and premix products, custom formulated manufactured livestock feeds, wet brewers grain, commodity merchandising and nutrition consulting. Furst-McNess Company has a full complement of staff to support its business initiatives, which include the required resources to support and meet the needs of our customers and suppliers alike. Furst-McNess Company provides a full range of services including: feed ingredient merchandising of dry, wet, liquid commodities; food ingredient merchandising; custom formula ingredient blending; premix and micro nutrient formulation and blending/manufacturing; and complete feed manufacturing.

Contact: Tomas Elvir; (402) 889-4348;
Gavilon sources and distributes grain inputs including corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, milo and DDGS throughout North American, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. Gavilon Grain, with roots that go back well over 130 years as Peavey Grain, achieves quick, efficient handling while protecting quality with 64 high-volume capacity grain elevators. Formerly ConAgra Trade Group, Gavilon was formed as a newly independent entity through the acquisition by a group of investors led by Ospraie Special Opportunities Fund. Gavilon is now positioned to provide its customers with a more complete and robust trading, merchandising and distribution platform than ever before. Gavilon is headquartered in Omaha, NE with 930 employees worldwide and 144 facilities on six continents.

Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc.
Contact: Brent Lorensen; (402) 315-1643;
Green Plains Renewable Energy was founded in 2004 and is North America’s fourth-largest ethanol producer. GPRE operates a total of eight dry-mill ethanol plants in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska and Tennessee with annual expected operating capacity totaling approximately 670 million gallons. GPRE's eight plants will consume approximately 239 million bushels of corn in the ethanol production process. They also market and distribute ethanol for third-party ethanol producers with annual expected operating capacity totaling approximately 360 million gallons. Today, GPRE markets and distributes over one billion gallons of ethanol, representing about 8% of the total U.S. supply, as well as 2.1 million tons of distillers grains. GPRE owns 51% of Blendstar, LLC, a biofuel terminal operator which operates nine blending or terminaling facilities with approximately 495 million gallons per year of total capacity in seven states in the south central United States. GPRE also operates grain storage facilities with 31 million bushels of storage capacity and complementary agronomy and petroleum businesses at 13 facilities located in Iowa, southern Minnesota and western Tennessee.

Golden Grain Energy
Contact: Walter Wendland; (563) 238-5555;
Golden Grain Energy is a privately-held company dedicated to adding value to northern Iowa’s corn production by turning locally-grown corn into clean-burning ethanol. The company currently produces approximately 100 million gallons of ethanol annually at a plant in Mason City, Iowa. Owned by more than 750 members, the majority of whom are northeast Iowa farmers, Golden Grain Energy is committed to being a strong partner in the local community, a key player in the regional economy and a leader in Iowa’s ethanol industry. The company employs 45 individuals and purchases more than 33 million bushels of locally-grown corn annually from producers and grain dealers. In addition to ethanol, Golden Grain Energy produces both wet and dry distillers grains, providing a feed source for livestock producers. Golden Grain Energy strives to help meet the growing national demand for domestic biofuels, which are the key components of our nation’s efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oil and improve air quality around the country.

Granite Falls Energy
Contact: Tracey Olson; (320) 564-3100;
Based in Granite Falls, Minn., Granite Falls Energy began producing ethanol in 2005 and has a production capacity of 50 million gallons per year. The plant is a limited liability corporation comprised of over 900 investors. Granite Falls Energy has recently submitted permits to increase its production capacity to 70 million gallons per year. DDGS produced at Granite Falls Energy are marketed by CHS, though the company does market directly to the local end-users. The company recently added a corn oil extraction process to its production capacity.

Hawkeye Gold, LLC
Contact: Tom Kopp; (515) 663-6431; tkopp@hawkgold.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hawkeye Gold is an operating subsidiary of Hawkeye Energy Holdings, a privately owned, Iowa-based renewable energy company. The company provides professional marketing services for distillers grains producers. We have an industry leading team with many years of experience in marketing distillers and other commodities and have access to a wide range of local, domestic and international markets. Our client-plants have state of the art ethanol facilities that produce a premium golden color distiller grains that is highly nutritious and well suited for animal feed.

The following Hawkeye plants are members of the U.S. Grains Council:

Hawkeye Renewables – Fairbanks is a 115 million-gallons-per-year plant that began operation in 2006 as the second ethanol production facility in the Hawkeye Renewables system. The facility consumes about 41 million bushels of corn annually and produces about 980 tons of DDGS per day.

Hawkeye Renewables – Iowa Falls is a 100 million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant that was expanded to its current capacity in 2006. The plant uses 36 million bushels of corn per year and produces about 860 tons of DDGS each day. The plant was the first plant in the Hawkeye Renewables system and was originally constructed as a 50 million-gallons-per-year plant. It began operations in November of 2004.

Hawkeye Menlo LLC is a 115 million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant that was completed in September, 2008. The plant uses 41 million bushels of corn per year and produces about 370,000 tons of DDGS each year. The plant was the third plant in the Hawkeye Energy Holdings system.

Hawkeye Shell Rock LLC is a 115 million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant that was completed in October, 2008. The plant uses 41 million bushels of corn per year and produces about 370,000 tons of DDGS each year. The plant was the fourth plant in the Hawkeye Energy Holdings system.

Homeland Energy Solutions
Contact: Walter Wendland; (563) 238-5555;
Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC operates an ethanol processing plant which produces 100 million gallons of ethanol annually from 37 million bushels of corn using a 2.8:1 conversion ratio. Based in Lawler, IA, the facility serves corn producers in an 11 county area in northeastern Iowa. The purchase of the 37 million bushels of corn will increase the demand for corn and increase its market value. Based on existing industry experience a projected value increase is expected between $.05 and $.08 per bushel. This would amount to an increased income of approximately $1,850,000.00 to $2,960,000.00 annually to regional participating producers. The facility would also produce significant distillers’ grains which could increase livestock production.

International Feed
Contact: Bernie Kaiser; (763) 479-8185;
International Feed has over a decade of experience in the production, supply and export of feed ingredients. The company has practical experience in the handling and storage of feed ingredients, and we offer expert advice on the nutritional value of protein meals. International Feed has excellent relationships with numerous container lines, which enable us to offer low-priced freight and fast transit times. The exporting and importing of animal feed ingredients is an involved process that requires many documents and certificates. International Feed has vast experience in the handling and negotiating of export documents.

J.D. Heiskell & Co.
Contact: Jennifer Schneider; (612) 486-0120;
J.D. Heiskell & Company is a professionally managed, family-owned company with a rich 123 year history. As the fourth largest feed manufacturer in the US by volume, we understand and are committed to supplying the same high quality grain and feed ingredients that we use ourselves. Export capabilities include rail car and container shipment, with an extensive list of freight providers to ensure competitive rates, as well as a staff to manage all export documents and certificates. By exporting grains and feed ingredients from various container transloading facilities spread across the US, we are able to seamlessly adapt to changing markets and originate from the most economical location. J.D. Heiskell had annual sales over $3 billion last fiscal year. Our culture is driven by relentless pursuit of the highest standards of integrity, accountability, professionalism, excellence and innovation. Customer satisfaction and employee growth opportunities are the benchmarks by which our success is measured.

Land O Lakes Purina Feed, LLC (LOLPF)
Contact: John Hany; (651) 765-5652;
Contact: Darian Carpenter; (425) 641 1310;
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed (LOLPF) DDG Marketing has exclusive marketing agreements with ethanol plants for the marketing of distiller grain co-products. LOLPF has a highly recognized and respected history of success in the livestock feeding business. Being recognized as the "Industry Leader" in the Animal Nutrition business, we bring a unique marketing opportunity for our partners in the ethanol business. Combining the expertise of our animal nutrition business with our highly qualified feed ingredient merchandising staff brings value to the company's clients. We have over eighty highly technical feed mills located across the U.S. We also have feed plants in the Province of Ontario in Canada and a partnership in Taiwan. We have a ‘State of the Art' Animal Nutrition Research Facility in Missouri. This facility located just Southwest of St Louis spans over 1200 acres and conducts feeding trials on multiple species of livestock. There are eleven research scientists at this facility that allows us to back up our feeding recommendations with test proven research. The Land O'Lakes Purina Feed DDG Marketing team has experience and expertise in all forms of logistics (truck, rail car, containers, barge and vessels). Our export experience has included the St. Lawrence River, Gulf of Mexico, Southwest Pacific Coast and in the near future the Pacific Northwest out of Portland/Seattle.

Lansing Trade Group
Contact: Steven J. Speck; (419) 897-3182;
Lansing Trade Group is a trading company largely focused on the movement of physical commodities. The company trades whole grains, feed ingredients, biofuels, freight and many other commodities, including DDGS and corn gluten feed, within North America and internationally. It controls over 12 million bushels of elevator space through ownership or lease arrangements across the U.S. as well as various other strategically located storage and handling facilities for other commodities traded. Originally formed in Michigan in 1931, Lansing Trade Group is now headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas and has 10 U.S. offices as well as international offices in Geneva, Switzerland; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company provides customers with market opinion, price discovery, marketing support, timely distribution and works hard to ensure that customers will get the quality of product they purchased.

Little Sioux Corn Processors
Contact: Steve Roe; (712) 376-2800;
Little Sioux Corn Processors is a corn-to-ethanol processing facility located in, Marcus, Iowa. The company currently has a nameplate capacity of 92 million gallons of ethanol. It began operation in 2003 and was expanded to its current capacity in 2007. Little Sioux Corn Processors produces DDGS as well as "Modified" Wet Distillers Grains with Solubles (approximately 55% moisture).

Louis Dreyfus Commodities Inc.
Contact: Jose Martinez; (816) 218-2304;
Louis Dreyfus Commodities Inc. commenced production of Ethanol and DDGS in October of 2007. They are also a full service commodity export and trading company involved in all major commodities. Their trade in DDGS includes exports as well as U.S. domestic truck and rail.

Marinex Grains, Inc.
Contact : Kevin Yoon; (714) 990-2222;
Website :
Marinex Grains Inc. has various transloading facilities to provide state-of-the-art container shipment services to the grain clients, and the capability to export bulk from the U.S. Gulf. MGI serves and distributes corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, barley, milo, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, DDGS and other special purpose by-products. The staff of knowledgeable employees and experts provide unique service experiences, superior quality and competitive pricing. Currently, MGI is planning to establish a transloading facility in the west coast to provide more competitive and flexible services to their valuable clients.

McCaulay Dalton & Company USA LLC
Contact: Graeme B. Foote; +61-2-9410-0409;
McCaulay Dalton & Company was formed in 2000 based on the philosophy that business needs to be approached by formulating long-term relationships. Over the course of the company’s life span, McCaulay Dalton has evolved from an Australian agricultural marketing consultant to an international commodity broker and has again reinvented itself to include MCCD Freight Services, offering clients ocean freight support for bulk export.

Midwest Ag Enterprises, Inc.
Contact: Jim Moline; (507) 532-2279;
Please contact them directly for more information.

Mirasco Inc.
Contact: Diaa Ghaly; (770) 956-1945;

Based in Atlanta, Mirasco Inc. is a major global exporter and distributor of feed ingredients and raw materials, including corn, barley, sorghum, DDGS and corn gluten meal and feed. Mirasco organizes logistics, finance, and risk management to achieve the maximum results their importers and suppliers. Through global offices located in the US, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia and Egypt, Mirasco is capable of serving its customers worldwide, including importers, distributors and processors.

Mirasco’s ultimate aim is to build a strong export track record for US grains and co-products to several markets including Asia and the Middle East.

Northwest Grains International, LLC
Contact: Gary Mao; (952) 746-2888;
Northwest Grains International is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of commodity products. Our committed relationship with a professional network of partners enables us to supply our customers efficiently; exporting commodity products to the Pacific Rim countries and making Northwest Grains International the leading provider of commodity products to industries worldwide. We pride ourselves with outstanding attention to detail. Northwest Grains International employs a selected group of experienced professionals; this staff is well acquainted and involved in every aspect of each transaction, from manufacturing to logistics, we promise quality service and complete satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our customers with trustworthy service, extensive communication and deliverance of constant innovating solutions. We focus our attention in creating complete respect to our different cultural and geographical clientele, always finding a positive response to any problem during the work in progress.

Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc.
Contact: Michael Johnson; (914) 630-8145;

Importers and exporters on six continents have engaged the services of Pasternak, Baum and Co. for more than 70 years. As brokers and merchant consultants, Pasternak has been known by the community of agricultural commodity traders around the globe since the 1920s. An independent third party intermediary between buyer and seller, Pasternak provides competitive prices but each client is also offered a total solution through a variety of support services. The services include the procurement of freight, financing, insurance and logistics management. This full service brokering allows Pasternak to facilitate transactions of commodities for buyers and sellers around the world. The company brokers nearly one-third of American corn and wheat products. It employs a knowledgeable staff of brokers with an average of 22 years experience in the commodity-trading field.

Patriot Renewable Fuels
Contact: Jud Hulting; (309) 935-5700;

Patriot Renewable Fuels, LLC's mission is to produce high quality, environmentally conscious renewable fuels that will promote energy independence for our community and the nation. The company operates a 100-million gallon per year ethanol producing facility in Annawan, IL. This facility also produces 320,000 tons per year of dried distillers grains. This bi-product is primarily used as a high-quality livestock feed. The company sent its first international shipment of DDGS in April 2009.

Platinum Ethanol, LLC
Contact: Dave Juelsgaard; (712) 367-2727;

Platinum Ethanol is a 110 million gallon per year ethanol production facility located in Arthur, Iowa. Platinum Ethanol commenced operations in September 2008 and is proud to purchase locally grown corn and produce renewable energy and value-added feed products. Platinum Ethanol employs nearly 50 people and operates around the clock. The company takes pride in its international relationships, which provide an important end market for distiller's dried grains with solubles.

POET Nutrition
Contacts: Clayton Vaughan (Director of Business Development) or Tarri Rott (Merchandising Manager): (605) 965-6279;;

POET Nutrition is responsible for one of the more important achievements in biorefining, the development of the standard-setting Dakota Gold distillers grains (DDGS). POET Nutrition's Dakota Gold is an excellent source of livestock feed in demand across the globe. With years developing proprietary biotechnologies and processes, POET Nutrition delivers premium distiller's grains consistent in nutrient concentrations, loaded with protein and blessed with excellent flowability and other important technical characteristics.
Our team of PhD nutritionists and their innovative spirit means we not only reap maximum nutrition from each corn kernel, we create a product with ideal properties for use in multiple applications for a variety of livestock feed needs.
For product to be given the Dakota Gold label it needs to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. And, because of our tremendous volume, we have unique access to rail, truck and ship to make the delivery of Dakota Gold a simple, predictable affair for our clients all around the world.
And as part of POETTM, we're backed by the strength and resources of one of America's largest and most innovative ethanol companies.
For more information on POET Nutrition and the Dakota Gold family of products, please visit us at

Renewable Products Marketing Group (RPMG)
Contact: Jim Montbriand; (952) 465-3248;
Gustavo Schildknecht;

The Renewable Products Marketing Group (RPMG) markets 1 billion gallons of ethanol annually from producer-owned ethanol production plants, allowing them to gain economies of scale in their marketing. The company recently added distillers grain marketing services and expects the volume to reach 1 million tons by the end of 2008. RPMG has a staff with more than 80 years experience managing co-products. The company has implemented a quality program and is developing global markets for the client plants. RPMG is poised to market any and all co-products produced by the plants as they utilize fractionation and additional processing technologies in the future. The company, founded in 1996, strives to provide a competitive advantage for producer-owned plants. Marketing ethanol and DDGS through a pool concept allows smaller producers to participate in all markets and utilize all contractual methods to maximize margins. Ethanol and distillers marketing and a group buying program make up the core of RPMG's services. In addition, state-of-the-art logistics management, inventory management, RINs management and support services are provided. With the improvement in technology and the global demand for energy and protein, RPMG is prepared to provide the necessary services for its clients.

Rycom Trading Ltd.
Contact: Ryan Slozka; (250) 768-4321;

Rycom Trading Ltd. purchases, sells and distributes agricultural commodities, such as Corn Distillers (DDGS), Canola Meal, protein feeds and energy feeds, for the animal feed industry in both Canada and the United States. Rycom works closely with animal nutritional consultants and frequently tests its products to ensure customers are receiving high quality and beneficial feed products. Rycom also operates a transloading facility in Sunburst, Mont. that facilitates the importing and exporting of agricultural commodities between Canada and the United States.

The Scoular Company
Contact: Jim Harding,, (941) 365-0090
Contact: Jennifer Li;; (612) 252-3533
Contact: Doug Grennan;; (612) 335-8205

Scoular's export capabilities include barge, rail car and container shipments. They have their own container freight and container transloading division, TSC Container Freight, which is a Scoular subsidiary. Scoular has marketing agreements with ethanol plants for the sale of DDGS.

Touton USA Limited
Contact: Dan Freeman,, (317) 324-6800

Formed in June 2008, Touton USA Limited is the U.S. subsidiary of a privately held French company that specializes in trading of raw materials of grain, coffee, and cocoa. The company specializes in the sale of grains and grain products, including DDGS, to markets around the world. It has a specific focus on the Asia market and container shipments. Other Touton locations include the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and it also has business representation in Vietnam, Russia and China. The revenue of the Group totals $775 million and employs 800 people. Touton USA Limited is based in Indianapolis, IN.

Trans Coastal Supply Co.
Contact: Pam Moses; (217) 421-0203;
Contact: Bob Briscoe; (217) 421-0203;

Trans Coastal Supply Company (TCSC) provides export customers with agricultural grains and products such as yellow corn, distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), corn gluten meal, yellow soybeans and Hi Pro soybean meal delivered to the trans loading facilities of Prairie Creek Grain Company Inc., in Elwood, IL and Agri-Load, Inc in Decatur, IL as well as offers to the rail ramps and C&F final port destinations. The company also provides origination, logistics, trans loading and drayage complete with product analysis and export documentation. The company's founders bring more than 20 years of experience in grain and feed ingredient trading, logistics and management, and experience in agricultural businesses ranging from drain tiling, elevator management and trans loading operations.

Valero Marketing & Supply Company
Contact: Allan Assmann; Manager, DDGS Sales; 402-727-5300;
Contact: Ted Hattori; Manager, DDGS Export Sales; 210-345-5304;
Contact: Ernest Blansfield, Director, Distillers Grain Sales,

Valero Marketing & Supply Company currently has a fleet of 7 production facilities and 1 development site in five states. Valero is scheduled to have an annual production capacity of approximately 780 million gallons of ethanol and nearly 2.5 million tons of distillers grains by mid 2009.

Western New York Energy
Contact: Andrew Buck, Marketing Manager – Distillers Grains; (585) 798-9693;

Western New York Energy is the first ethanol plant in operation in the northeastern United States. The company was founded in 2004 and began producing ethanol and co-products in November 2007. The plant utilizes approximately 20 million bushels of corn annual and produces 55 million gallons of fuel ethanol; 160,000 tons of high quality “Dairy Distillers Grain,” a unique low-fast distillers grain that is marketed in western New York feed users; and other products such as corn oil, and food grade carbon dioxide.

Zeeland Farm Services
Contact: Darwin Rader, International Sales Manager; (616) 748-1819;

Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business with over 55 years of service to the agricultural and transportation industries. It was founded in 1950 by Robert (Bob) G. Meeuwsen as Meeuwsen Produce and Grain. In 1977, it was reorganized as Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. to provide customers with a wider variety of agricultural services. Bob sold the company to his sons Cliff, Arlen, and Robb in 1992. Over 200 employees, including 12 Meeuwsen family members, work at ZFS. We endeavor to provide the best possible customer service and offer quality products and services at competitive prices.

General Mills Operations, Inc
P.O. Box 5022
#2 Fifth Street N., Suite 200
Great Falls, MT 59401
Tel: 1-406-761-6252
Fax: 1-406-727-8096
Products: Feed Barley, Malting Barley

Uriman Inc.
650 North Puente St.
Brea, CA 92821
Tel: 714-257-2080
Fax: 714-257-2087
Contact: Ryan Kim
Contact: Joe Onorato

Products: DDGS, corn, sorghum, gluten feed and meal.

20 F Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20001      Phone: 202-789-0789      Fax: 202-898-0522

The U.S. Grains Council is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to building export markets for barley, corn, sorghum and their products. The Council is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has 10 international offices and active market development programs in more than 50 countries. Financial support from the Council’s private industry members, including state checkoffs, agribusinesses, state entities and others, triggers federal matching funds from the government and support from cooperating groups in other countries, producing an annual market development program valued at more than $28.3 million.

The U.S. Grains Council does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation or marital/family status. Persons with disabilities, who require alternative means for communication of program information, should contact the U.S. Grains Council. The U.S. Grains Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information on Section 508, please go to the following website: